Cosmetic Penis Enlargement Surgery — What’s The Big Deal About The Penis?

Whether you admit it or not, for men, having a large “member”, “rod”, “schlong”, “meat”, or any number of other self-proclaimed terms for the penis, REALLY IS a big deal. Despite women politely saying that penis size isn’t an important aspect in a relationship. . . in private, they acknowledge that it does have a good degree of importance. And with this, most men know that when it comes to size, bigger is usually better . . . at least up to a point.


The root (sic) of this discussion begins with primitive tribal customs and ancient beliefs that well “endowed” males had more strength and power, supposedly being able to sire the largest number of offspring—at least in theory—and hence were deemed more valuable to members of the opposite sex. Translation? Guys who were “big” supposedly got more females. And guys who were “small” . . . well, they got what was left over.

Penis enlargement is, even today, a very important issue to men and it can be divided into two different categories; methods that are largely temporary . . . and methods that enable permanent penis enlargement.

It’s been reported that there are varying degrees of success (or lack of success) with temporary methods—specifically claims from different groups including those from pill and herbal supplement makers, and vacuum devices. Our focus, however, is on permanent methods of penis enlargement, exclusively penis surgery, because in virtually every instance, penis surgery, or Phalloplasty, generally results in permanent gains in both length and girth.

History of Phalloplasty

Today’s surgical Phalloplasty technique involves two aspects; lengthening and thickening. The lengthening technique actually began back in the early eighties, in Boston, as a surgical method to help children who were born with a congenital defect known as Micro penis (measuring less than 6cm erect). In this method, the surgical release of the ligament (suspensory ligament) that held the penis cradled from the pubic bone (S1-S5), allowed the penis to become extended, in many cases, up to six additional centimeters (roughly 2.4 inches). By the end of the eighties, a Chinese doctor improved the penis lengthening technique significantly, and he is generally credited as being the “inventor” of the technique for penis lengthening.

Thickening of the penis first appeared in Miami, again in early eighties, when a surgeon experimented with the technique of lipo sculpture—filling the penis with the patient’s own fatty tissue. It was the very first application of what is now termed FFT, or Free Fat Transfer, a method widely accepted as being the original technique that produced high success rates. Since then, another method of thickening has been employed by some surgeons—that of widening the penis using tissue grafts, or dermal matrix grafts, whereby the body generates new cellular growth on the graft substrate. But, in most cases, fat transfer or dermal grafts yield the same results.

Myths & Legends

Numerous tales about the penis’s place in history abound. From gods and Greek legends to Chinese myths . . . all seem to have a story about penis size in relation to power, strength, and longevity. Even Christianity in the Middle Ages plays a role. In virtually every instance, the depiction of a massive phallus size is representative of having higher virility, which, in truth, is entirely false.

What Do Women Think?

Depending on who you ask . . . when you ask . . . and who is asking; women seem to have different answers to the question, “Is it better to have a bigger penis?”.

Many women say that size doesn’t matter, until they’re shown a picture of a Micro penis patient, at which time they’ve been known to comment, “. . . you’re kidding, right?” Most of the time though, women will say that if the sex lives between them and their mate are adequate, then they are satisfied with the size of their mate. Some have been known to comment that a bigger penis means that they don’t have to “move” as much, and merely by laying there, they have greater pleasure. Other women, after seeing a overly large penis will comment that intercourse with a person with a penis that’s huge can become a painful experience.

Women seem to prefer a man with a slightly larger-than-the-norm penis size as it aids in sexual stimulation.


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